The Power of YONCÉ

Is it just me or is anyone else completely blown away by the power possessed by our beloved Queen B, referring to the legendary Beyoncé Knowles, of course. I have literally grown up on and been molded by the music and trends that Beyoncé has created over the years.

I learned about the power of the booty from Yoncé.

I learned how to get over a man from Yoncé.

I learned about confidence from Yoncé.

I learned about standards from Yoncé.

I learned about fashion from Yonce.

I literally think that I can attribute more of my personal characteristics to Beyoncé than I can to my own mother (sorry mom.) Does that scare anyone else? I mean to think that musicians, supposedly existing for one purpose in particular, to entertain , exude so much influence on the way that we think and behave as individuals is absolutely frightening to me.

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